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Assured Retirement Plan

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The Assured Retirement Plan is a retirement strategy developed by the Co-Founder Emeritus Robert Perussina. With clients fears of outliving their money during retirement the Assured Retirement Plan was created to find a person's income and lifestyle needs in retirement and bridge the gap of guaranteed income & safe growth. Christopher Perussina joined the financial world in 2008 and worked closely with his Father Robert. After years of case study and design for clients stress testing this strategy, Robert & Christopher found the perfect balance of traditional investments in your stocks/bonds/mutual funds while layering Fixed Indexed/MYGA/Single Premium Immediate Annuities to reach and meet every clients goals and needs for income. While providing the early years of retirement with supplemental income from these products, and layering more competitive investment vehicles as the market grows, it allows the traditional investment accounts to grow with a limited draw rate which may be outperformed by traditional market growth. With market volatility being at an all time high, and daily fluctuations Annuities can provide safe growth with a Annual Reset Feature. This allows the Annuity to participate in the market with no downside risk. Think of it this way; when you build a house, the foundation of the house is the most important part-stable immovable protection. Annuities are the foundation of your retirement house. The walls bedrooms bathrooms are all your traditional investment accounts (i.e. Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds.) When a big earthquake a house with out a strong foundation can collapse. The same is true in your retirement house - aggressive investing one big market drop puts your retirement is at risk. Let us build your foundation together.

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