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AWA’s services focus on the three phases of individual and family wealth: Accumulation, Preservation and Distribution.  We believe that each prospective client chooses to align their wealth with the amount of risk they will accept financially and tolerate emotionally.   Drawing from a wide array of resources, technology and platforms, we strive to deliver the trusted services necessary to assist you in accomplishing your wealth management objectives.

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Conventionally, wealth accumulation is not accidental.  It takes time, temperament and talent.  The best means of creating, managing or distributing wealth is through sound planning. 

AWA provides objective, comprehensive planning services designed to establish your path to financial success. Our analyses can address your financial objectives during all phases, regardless of time horizon. We can simplify your decision-making process as it relates to your wealth by providing a roadmap to your objectives.

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Every key financial decision you make involves some form of risk. As wealth is accumulated and financial targets (such as retirement) approach, systematically reducing risk exposure to preserve wealth for distribution becomes paramount. 

To assure our clients will meet their objectives, AWA delivers risk management analysis and advice that can stress test their portfolios and asset structures. Solutions may involve the inclusion of guaranteed fixed income instruments as well as providing risk management overlays in their equity portfolios that can hedge volatility in capital markets.  Whether you use a professionally managed account or conduct your own trading, AWA can provide you independent resource to assess positioning for success.

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One asset we can never make up is time. A significant market correction on the advent of one of your financial objectives could dramatically impact your wealth and reframe your timing. Managing wealth requires global supervision of all assets to accomplish the preservation and distribution process. 

Through AWA's monitoring and reporting, we can aggregate the value of your assets across multiple financial platforms.  Should your objectives change, you can quickly assess the impact of the modification and take the appropriate action. We firmly believe that those who know what they have, and what is worth, fare better than those who do not. 

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